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15 October 2020 - 29 March 2021
Healthcare Brokerage Event 2020 - Enterprise Europe Network - VIRTUAL

Textiles for medical applications 2021 (virtual)

...exploring the potential of textiles in medical applications

5th March 2021, 9.30 till 11 am

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An important and rapidly developing part of the textile Industry is the medical and related healthcare and hygiene sectors. The number of applications range from the simple cleaning wipe to the advanced barrier fabrics used for operating rooms.

Materials are found in many hospital applications from wound dressings and bandaging materials to scaffolds for tissue engineering and implantable prostheses, all of which have very specific requirements. Textile use is prevalent and through innovation is continuously expanding within the healthcare and hygiene sector in both home and hospital environments.

The aim of this event is to bring together international participants from both academia and industry, provide content and allow them to have future cooperations in this field.

In addition to that, all participants will have the chance to get in contact with each other via virtual B2B meetings.

Our event takes part within the framework of the Healthcare Brokerage Event 2020

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Our Guest Speakers:

1. Dorota Napierska, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH)
Towards circular healthcare - a need for more sustainable textiles“

2. Akram Idrissi, ITA
„Smart Textiles for Wound and Pain Treatment“

3. Prof. Anne Schwarz-Pfeiffer, HS Niederrhein
„Knetex – an intelligent knee bandage“

4. Thomas Klotz, LeMur Italy
® The new frontier“

5. Dr. Hossain, V-Trion GmbH, Austria
„smart-textile for sweat analysis“ (monitoring health related data)

6. Dalia Hasan, Green Textile Solutions
sustainable textiles“

7. Dr. Björn Norberg, RISE Institute, Sweden
Swedish ecosystem & smart textiles“

8. Dr. Dilay Kesten Erhart, Steinbeis Europa
SMARTX: an example of EU case funding for the textile SME in medical application"


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