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15 October 2020 - 29 March 2021
Healthcare Brokerage Event 2020 - Enterprise Europe Network - VIRTUAL


On March 10 and 11 entrepreneurs, researchers and healthcare professionals in the field of eHealth, Robotics, Prevention and Personalized Medicine & Pharma meet online during Health Valley Event 2021.

This international digital event offers keynote speakers, themed sessions, a virtual exhibition and options to interact with other participants. The Enterprise Europe Network Netherlands organizes virtual 1-on-1 matchmaking meetings alongside this event in the afternoon.

These 1-on-1 matchmaking meetings aim to facilitate partnering for business and innovation & research projects for participation in European projects like Horizon Europe, Eureka/Eurostars and Active and Assistive living (AAL) programmes in the area of digital health, medical devices and personalized medicine. We welcome participants from start-ups, scale-ups, corporates, government, knowledge institutes, hospitals, healthcare organizations (cure and care) and patient organizations.

To join this virtual matchmaking, present yourself and arrange your meetings prior to the event. Invitations for meetings can be sent directly after registration until March 11. The Enterprise Europe Network supports participants to make optimal use of this opportunity and to find interesting contacts.

This matchmaking is free of charge. You can register here: https://hve2021.b2match.io/ Information on the conference programme can be found here. Participants that want to attend the conference, need to pay a conference fee. Tickets for the conference are available here. The official language used at the event is English.


  • Aging well in the digital world
  • Virtual reality for rehabilitation
  • Robotics in health – Medtech
  • Personalised Medicine
  • Healthy Brain
  • Personalized health and nutrition
  • Value-Based healthcare
  • Prevention in Diabetes type II based on lifestyle interventions and digital solutions
  • innovative procurement for e-Health solutions


Closed since 26 March 2021

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Participants 443
Meetings 818


Armenia 1
Australia 1
Austria 7
Belgium 11
Bulgaria 1
Canada 2
China 6
Croatia 3
Cyprus 5
Czech Republic 1
Denmark 1
Finland 2
France 16
Germany 99
Greece 7
Hungary 19
Indonesia 1
Iran, Islamic Republic Of 1
Ireland 5
Israel 7
Italy 24
Japan 11
Korea, Republic Of 6
Lithuania 2
Luxembourg 1
Malta 1
Netherlands 15
Poland 17
Portugal 14
Romania 4
Singapore 1
Slovakia 2
Slovenia 6
Spain 97
Sweden 12
Switzerland 6
Taiwan 18
Thailand 1
Tunisia 2
Turkey 12
Ukraine 3
United Kingdom 16
United States 5
Total 472


Academia 11
Association/Agency 15
Consulting 41
Distributor/Importer/Sales agency 47
Governmental Organisation 17
Hospital/Nursing Home 1
Investor/Finance 15
Manufacturer 153
Purchaser / Procurement 4
Research organisation 44
Service provider 87
Other 37
Total 472